Thayir and Sambar Vada

Medu vada  is popular main course/ breakfast/snack in South Indian cousins.It is made with urad dal  doughnut shaped, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.Medu vada  served with sambar as a lunch starter  or a snack. Also Medu vada served with sweet- salty coconut flavored yogurt(thayir vada) as a chaat snack.

Ingredients (For 10 pieces)

  •  Washed Urad dal – 2cup
  • Cumin seed-1tsp
  • Black paper powder-1tsp
  • Coconut pieces-1tbsp(finely chopped)
  • Salt-1tsp(to taste)
  • Curry leaves-5-7(finely chopped)
  • Coriander leaves-2 tsp(finely chopped)
  • Green chilli-1tsp(finely chopped)
  • Cooking oil – For deep frying
  • Fennel seed-1tsp


Step 1 – Wash and soak the urad dal for overnight(at least 8 -10 hours)  in lots of water.

Step 2 –In grinder take dal  and add all ingredients( except oil and salt) and grind, make smooth fluffy batter (you can add 1-2 tbs water).

Step 3 – Take batter in bowl and mix for 5-7 minutes then add salt and mix again 1-2 minute, keep this batter in freeze for 30 minutes for perfect fluffy vadas.

Step 4 – Heat oil for frying on medium hot oil,take small lemon size ball in palm and make hole in the center with finger and give doughnut shape.

Step 5 – Slid the vada in hot oil fry in low medium flame  until both side crispy and golden brown.

Step 6 – Take out vada and keep in tissue paper and fry all vadas in similar way. Deep all vada in sufficient amount of water for 10 minutes.Squeeze all water from vada and use it for sambar vada and coconut -yogurt vada.


Lentil and vegetable based tangy delicious sambar is jewel of every south Indian meal.


  • Tuar dal – 1/2 cup
  • Tamarind – 1/2 cup pulp
  • Sambar powder – 3 tsp
  • Onion – 1/2 cup finely chopped
  • Sallot – 4(optional)
  • Coconut – 1tsp grated  fresh optional
  • Jaggery – 1/2 tsp
  • Tomato – 1 small finely chopped
  • Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Salt – 1/2, tsp to taste
  • Mix vegetables, drum stick, pumpkin, brinjal, carrot-each 2-3 pieces small
  • Curry leaves – 7 to 8
  • Whole red chili – 2
  • Cumin seed – 1/2 tsp
  • Coriander leaves – 1 tsp for garnishing

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  1. abhiray59 says:

    Love medu vada.

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    1. Thanks, so much!!


  2. Ankur Mithal says:

    Looks like the image of an idli 😉


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