Sabudana Khichadi(One pot meal)

Sabudana Khichidi   is popular Indian fasting dish made from soaked sabudana/tapica pearl/sago pearl.It is healthy and delicious also perfect for breakfast/brunch/lunch box. In Sabudana Khichdi soaked sabudana cooked with boiled potato ,and crunchy crushed roasted peanut.

Ingredients-( Servings -2)

Sabudana  Khichdi-

  • Potato-1( boiled)
  • Sabudana-1 cup
  • Salt – 1/2tsp(to test)
  • Cumin seed-1/2 tsp
  • Cooking oil – 2 tbsp
  • Whole black pepper-1/2 tsp
  • Green chili – 1-2 finely chopped
  • Cashew nut-4-6
  • Dry roasted peanut -1/2 cup( crushed)
  • Coriander leaves-1 tbsp finely chopped
  • Lemon juice-1 tsp

Step 1 – Wash sabudana 2 times ,cover it and soak for 1 hours keep aside.Break potato in small pieces keep aside.

Step 2 –  Heat 2 tbsp oil  in a nonstick pan add cumin seed when seed crackle add black paper,chopped green chili ,cashew nut cook 30 seconds ,add potato   cook 1-2 minutes, add salt,dry roasted peanut mix proper cook 1 minute add soaked sabudana on medium heat   cook 4-5 minutes add lemon juice  mix well add coriander leaves mix it remove from heat and cover it for 2-3 minutes .

Enjoy Maharashtrian Sabudana Khichdi .



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  1. Girija Arora says:

    This is my favourite.

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  2. chefkreso says:

    Lovely recipe!

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  3. Swati Awana says:

    I always eat sabudana khichdi while fasting. Will try this recipe definitely! ☺
    Checkout my latest post and tell me you like it or not:

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  4. My favorite! Thanks for reminding

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    1. Thanks, it’s my pleasure!

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  5. achodi erani says:

    One of my absolute favs this is..

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  6. Dear friend,
    I have nominated you for the “Liebster Blogger Award”

    Congratulation 🙂

    Here the link:

    Have a good time and all best

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      1. Welcome, dear friend 🙂

        All the best


  7. Can you boba perals? Or are those to large?


    1. Please use large sago pearls… thanks !

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  8. sevenroses says:

    this is my favourite dish! I tried it in a microwave for three minutes and it also came out perfect!

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    1. Awesome…..thank you !


  9. reocochran says:

    I will try this with as many ingredients I may find here. Hugs Robin xo 💞

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    1. Great idea ..thank you.


  10. I love sabudana khichadi!

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  11. mukhamani says:

    I am glad to come across your page 🙂

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    1. Yes, thank you very much!


  12. One of my favorites 🙂

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  13. Hi,there. I’ve nominated you for’The Fabulous Chef and Cuisines Award.’Congrats.Just check this link out—- you like it.

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    1. Wow, thanks so much Abha!


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