Make Fresh Cream @ Home

Fresh cream is used in many dessert and curry,it is very easy to make @ home.Home made fresh cream is chipper and without preservatives .Also it is good for kids recipes.

Ingredients( yield-1 cup)

  •  Milk-2 liter


Step 1 – Take heavy bottom pan and boil milk ,cool it and collect malai keep malai  in refrigerator.Boil milk again in and collect malai. Repeat process for whole milk and collect malai, every time also clean pan so milk will not burn on bottom of pan.

Step 2 –Take bowl of malai and blend with blender .Fresh cream is ready ,keep in fridge for 1 hours ,you can use it(or store  in container and keep in refrigerator ,fresh good for 2 days).



One Comment Add yours

  1. I love this idea, especially when you ran out of fresh cream.
    I noticed that you ‘liked” the post
    How about you send me an entry and participte on this platform. I will be honored to showcase of your recipes.
    The Recipe Hunter


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