I got nominated for “The Blogger Recognition Award”

The Rules:

1. Write a post to show your award
2. Thank blogger(s) who nominated you & provide a link to their blog
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started
4. Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers
5. Nominate 15 bloggers of your choice for the award
6. Comment on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them & provide a link to your post

Thank you Tamara Hoerner (The Purple Almond)

You made my day when I saw that you have nominated me for “The Blogger Recognition Award”. A BIG thank you!!. I am frequent visitor of your blog post. Your blog gives lots of  useful information about eating right, balanced and nutritious food. I love your blog’s unique title – The Purple Almond.

Thank you Fey (Fey Fitness)

The Fey Fitness is a fantastic blog. It gives very simple and effective fitness tips; which can be very easily included in daily routine. I am very THANKFUL to Fey for nominating me for the “The Blogger Recognition Award“.

How my Blog started?

Cooking is my passion. I have a dream of having my own chain of restaurants having menu from my recipes list 🙂 . I started blog to share and showcase the whole world about my style of cooking and unique recipes that maintains authenticity, tradition, applying new technique and at same time makes it healthy choice for all ages. My recipes are simple; which can be made at home and keeping in mind about health and kids choice. I like to give new touch to many popular dishes. I avoid using canned food, preservatives and artificial colors. I prefer using fresh, healthy ingredients like olive oil, dry fruits, vegetables etc.

Tips for new blogger

I am also a pretty new blogger but in this short blogging experiencing so far I would like to give suggestions to new bloggers to be active by writing frequent posts, be social  by sharing blogs with others, spread good stuffs to the the world and encourage others by liking, commenting their posts.


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  1. Congratulations!!🎉

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      1. You’re very welcome!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Purple Almond and commented:
    Here is Smart Veg Recipes Award Blog Article!

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    1. Thanks so much!!!!


  3. Congratulations! This comes as no surprise, you have a wonderful blog!

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    1. Thank you Michelle


  4. surindernath says:

    Congratulations !!

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  5. Congratulations! You have a lovely blog!

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  6. Congratulations — well-deserved!

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  7. Well done! Carry on. 🌟✨💫

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  8. bblake10 says:

    Bravo!! Congratulations on yr award.

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