Cheesecake(No bake,Eggless)

Cheesecake is  more layer consisting dessert. In Cheesecake thickest layer is made with cheese cream,sugar,thickened cream and bottom layer is made from crushed cookies/digestive biscuits/graham crackers/sponge cake.Cheesecake is topped with fruits/fruit sauce/chocolate syrup.Cheesecake can be baked/unbaked(refrigerated).In this recipe I used fresh mango puree .It is perfect dessert for special occasion.


For Crust layer(first layer,base)-

  • Digestive biscuit-2 cup crushed
  • Butter melted-1/2 cup
  • For Cream cheese layer( second layer)-

    • Vegetarian  gelatin unflavoured-4 tsp
    • Thickened cream-1/2 cup
    • Full fat milk-1/2 cup
    • Sugar-4 tbsp(as per taste)
    • Cream cheese-100 gram
    • Corn starch-2 tsp
    • Mango puree-2 tbsp

    For Mango layer(Third layer)-

    • Mango flavored gelatin-2 tsp
    • Sugar-4 tbsp( as per taste)
    • Fresh mango -1 cup
    • Thickened cream/Condensed milk-2 tbsp
    • Full fat milk-2 tbsp

    For Topping(Optional)-fresh fruits,strawberry,apricot, maraschino cherries, unflavored   gelatin



    Step 1 – Mix hot melted butter and crushed digestive biscuits mix well so mixture bind together,pour mixture  into line cake pan (use spring form pan),press with spatula .Cover pan with cling film.  keep in refrigerator for 1 hours till set. 

    Step2-Dissolve corn starch in 2 tsp milk keep aside.

    Step3- Take full fat milk ,thickened cream  in saucepan cook 2 minutes add sugar and cook till it boil, add cornstarch mix well cook 1-2 minutes with continuous stirring remove from heat.Take mixture in to blander,add cream cheese,mango puree,gelatin and blend it for 30 seconds for smooth texture.  Pour mixture in to top of crushed layer.Cover with cling film.keep in refrigerator for 3 hours ,till set.

    Step4- Dissolve gelatin in 2 tbsp hot water  keep aside. Heat milk,thickened cream in saucepan add sugar mix well ,remove from heat and add mango puree and mango flavor gelatin. Take mixture in to blender,blend it for 30 seconds so all mix together.Pour mixture in to top of cheese layer and keep in refrigerator for 1 hours,till set.

    Step5-Place sliced strawberry and apricot ,maraschino cherries on top of mango layer.  Pour unflavored gelatin on top of fruits and maraschino cherries and keep in refrigerator for  minimum 3 hours ,till set.

    ENJOY  Soft fruity mango,creamy,delicious,cheesecake !!!!



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