Gujarati snack : Dhokla,White Dhokla & Khandvi

Dhokla, Khandvi and white Dhokla are popular vegetarian  food originated from Gujrat, India. These are very easy to make and  digestive food.




Step 1 – In large bowl add besan, semolina, sugar, salt, water and oil, mix it well make smooth batter, add3 tsp lemon juice, baking soda mix  well again cover it for 1 min.

Step 2 – Grease 1 little deep plate or thali .

Step 3 – Add baking  powder and eno fruit salt in batter mix quickly and pour batter in greased plate,spread properly ,keep plate in steamer and cook dhokla  for 7 minutes.

Step 4 – After 7 minutes check dhokla with toothpick,when comes out clean dhokla cooked. Take out dhokla from steamer.

Step 5 – Cover dhokla thali with any plate and invert thali and keep aside for 15 minutes.

Step 6- take 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp sugar  1 tbsp water  mix it proper ,keep aside

Step 7-For tempering- heat oil in a pan add mustard seed,when seed crackle add sesame seed,curry leaves,green chili saute for 30 second,remove from heat add lemon water keep aside for 2 minutes,cool it ,add coriander leaves.

Step 8-Pour the tempering  over the dhoklas,cut into pieces serve with any chutney.

Step 9- For White Dhokla-Take idli batter in a bowl add all ingredients(except eno fruit salt)mix well.

Step 10-Grease one small deep plate.

Step 11- Add eno fruit salt in batter  mix it quickly and pour batter in greased plate spread evenly.

Step 12- Put plate in steamer and cook for 7 minute. After 7 minute check with toothpick,if toothpick comes out clean dhokla cooked perfectly. Take out dhokla  plate from steamer.Cool it for 10 minute .

Step 13- For tempering-Heat oil in a pan add mustard seed,when seed crackle add cumin seed,curry leaves,whole red chili .

Step 14-Pour tempering on dhokla ,cut into pieces and serve with green chutney.

Step 15-Take a bowl add besan curd water and mix well,no lumps ,add all rest ingredients mix well.

Step 16- Grease 2-3 plate keep aside.

Step 17-Pour batter in big nonstick pan and cook 10-15 in low flame with continuous stirring,until stick consistency /batter leave pan . Pour batter in greased plate and with the help of spatula spread,thin.Cool it for 5 minutes then cut in to1-2 inch and roll it.

Step 18-For tempering-Heat oil in pan add mustard seed,when seed crackle add sesame seed,green chili, whole red chili, hing.,pour tempering in khandvi . garnish with grated coconut,and chopped coriander leaves.


  • For Dhokla – do not cook  more then 7 minute otherwise dhokla sit again.Do not use big plate otherwise it will not give perfect spongy.
  • For Khandvi – Make perfect runny batter,so it will cook proper otherwise it will cook quickly and khandvi will not make thin.Continuous  stirring is very important for soft khandvi.

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